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Our passion is towards preserving nature, mission to protect animals and vision for the future of species.


Palic Zoo Park

The Palic Zoo was founded on May 31st, 1950 as a cultural institution, and the city of Subotica is a proud founder of this institution. The beginning of the zoo was marked by a bear, a monkey, and a parrot, who were the first residents of this magical place. With an area of 15 hectares, of which 10 hectares are cultivated park space, Palic provides a pleasant and natural atmosphere for all visitors.

The basic activity of the institution is:

The zoo houses around 160 animal species and approximately 450 specimens, showcasing the diversity of fauna within it. These varying animal species are placed in forty different enclosures, cages or habitats.

Within the Zoo enclosure lies a botanical garden that houses a collection of many protected species. Lebanese cedars, giant sequoias, and fir trees are just some examples of atypical deciduous and coniferous trees that adorn this natural oasis.

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Conservation of nature and wildlife

The mission of the Zoo is dedicated to preserving wild animals and their natural habitats through education, research, and conservation support projects.


Inspiration for the Future of Nature

The vision of the Zoo is to create a world where people of all ages develop a deep respect for animals, and actively contribute to the conservation of nature.

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