In our Zoo, everyone is welcome to enjoy the time spent in the company of animals


Accessibility to the contents of the Zoo

Our aim is to ensure that every visit experience is exceptional and tailored to all people’s needs and abilities. Our commitment to content accessibility means working with specialist organizations to fully implement improvement opportunities and continue to make positive changes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Palić ZOO was built way back in 1950, but almost all the contents of the zoo are accessible to people using wheelchairs. There is ramp or level access to most buildings. However, you should be careful, some parts of the trail are slightly uneven and there are quite steep descents.


Availability of content

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people will be able to safely enjoy the charms of the Palić ZOO, relying on their sense of sight. Blind and partially sighted people must come with a human personal assistant to visit the Palić ZOO. Unfortunately, the entry of assistance dogs for the blind and partially sighted is prohibited, due to the fact that dogs can disturb other animals and cause irreparable damage.

People in wheelchairs

Availability of content independently or with assistance

Deaf and hard of hearing people

Availability of content independently or with assistance

Blind and partially sighted people

Content availability only with assistance

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