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Becoming an animal adopter at a zoo has many benefits for both parties. Adopters have the opportunity to help animals and the zoo itself. This process allows adopters to feel satisfied knowing that they have helped animals survive and provide them with a safe environment, as well as helped the zoo itself, which strives every day for better conditions for animals in the zoo and those in the wild through conservation programs.


Primary Donor

Basic level of support
for all types of animals

10.000 RSD/year

Legal Entities

Silver Donor

I can sponsor the following animals: llamas, lemurs, tortoises, deer, pigs, agoutis, meerkats, raccoons, servals, otters, alpacas, ducks, small parrots, birds of prey, reptiles, antelopes, kangaroos.

20.000 - 49.999 RSD/year

Legal Entities

Gold donor

I can sponsor the following animals: bison, zebra, monkeys, camels, tapirs, large parrots, racing birds, harbor seal, brown bear, wolves, big cats or any other species in the collection of the Palic Zoo.

50.000 - 120.000 RSD/year

Important reminders

The Palic Zoo and the Adopter establish through a contract that the animals for which the Adopter donates money cannot be moved from their enclosures upon the Adopter’s request, they still remain owned and possessed by the Palic Zoo and do not change their residence. A species can have multiple Adopters, and if a certain species leaves the zoo, another species can be chosen as a replacement. Donations are used exclusively for the welfare of animals.

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