Adventure Park

Extremely Exciting

Adventure at Palić Lake

Welcome to Adventure Park Palić, an exciting place for nature lovers, outdoor activities and fun in a natural environment. Here you can experience a variety of adrenaline-boosting activities in a safe and exciting way.

Important Information

Working hours

During the season, Adventure Park working hours are:

11:00 am – 7:00 pm (Tuesday to Friday)

9:00 am – 7:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Monday is a day off


Price List

The price list is displayed:

  • at the entrance of the Adventure park and
  • at the entrance to the ZOO.

The prices for the use of the Adventure park are independent of the ticket prices for the ZOO. Tickets are purchased at the entrance to the Adventure park.


Adventure Park Palić has its own working hours and contact information different from the working hours and contact information of the lessor, Palić Zoo. Dear visitors, please contact Adventure Park Palić exclusively for all information related to Adventure Park Palić via contact information listed on this page.

Adventure Park

Obstacles at Adventure Park

Obstacles are divided into two levels and made of natural materials, as well as the entire ambiance and exterior of the Adventure Park. Safety comes first, so there are:

  • trained and certified instructors who are there to provide a brief training and guide visitors to the most suitable obstacle for them;
  • and a protection system, which is the most modern possible, and visitors are provided with belts with a double protection system.

Organizing Events for Groups

Get-togethers and Celebrations

The Palić Adventure Park is the perfect venue for hosting a range of gatherings and celebrations amidst nature. Allow us to arrange and coordinate:

  •  Your birthday parties, family reunions and social gatherings,
  • “Team-building” meetings, assisting companies in providing unforgettable experiences.
Additional Content

Contents in the park

Adventure Park offers other additional activities:

  • Archery
    Skill of using a bow to shoot arrows, Airsoft – shooting with faithful replicas of firearms, shooting hard plastic balls
  • Refreshments
    ice cream and refreshing drinks

Where is the Adventure Park located

Park is located in the Palić Zoo, behind the bulls, buffaloes and llamas, and signs leading from the entrance of the zoo to the Adventure Park are clearly placed.

Become a hero for animals

Adopt a wildlife animal and experience a unique connection with nature. Your support ensures that these animals receive everything they need, and you will gain an invaluable experience.