Animal feeding

Explore the feeding schedule of our animals and enjoy a unique experience observing how our pets eat

Animal feeding

Organized animal feeding

For visitors to the Palic Zoo, public animal feedings will be organized. This way, everyone interested can witness the moment when caretakers feed brown bears, monkeys, eland antelopes, goats, and other animals in the feeding program. Visitors have the opportunity to ask caretakers everything they want to know about animal nutrition. Additionally, they can firsthand see what kind of food animals like to eat.

The animal feeding program begins on the first weekend of March, and the order and types of animals change throughout the program.

Animal Feeding Schedule

Every Saturday and Sunday

Brown bear

10 o’clock

Macaw parrots

11 o’clock


12 o’clock (At the footbridge)


13 o’clock (on the islands)


14 o’clock

Animals in the eco center

15 o’clock


16 o’clock

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