Brazilian tapir

Brazilian tapir

Guardian of the Amazonian wilderness

The Brazilian tapir can be recognized by the large, hard mane that extends from the forehead to the shoulders. They are also known for being strong swimmers, able to cross rivers and escape predators by entering the water.
They are mostly loners, shy, looking for food at night, while resting or hiding during the day




Scientific name of the species:
Tapirus terrestris

Forest, savannah, bushes, wetland

South America

Current trend:

Number of individuals in the world:

25-30 years


The tapir in the ZOO on Palić is called Ištvan and was born on September 13, 2023. In March 2015, he came to our ZOO from Szeged and has been a happy resident ever since. When he arrived he was quite mischievous and disobedient, but over time it turned out that he actually lacked a little more love and attention that he received from our groomers.

He responds to his name, knows how to lie down or sit on command, and more than anything in the world he loves a long, thorough brushing and scratching, especially under the chin, as well as bathing in his little pond.

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