Brown Bear

Brown Bear

The largest terrestrial carnivore in Europe

The brown bear is one of the largest land animals. They are social creatures with significant gender differences in behavior.
They are territorial and often the territory of one male overlaps with the territory of several females.




Scientific name:
Ursus arctos

Forest, shrubland, grassland, wetlands (inland), desert

Eurasia, North America

Current trend:

Number of individuals in the world:

20-30 years


The zoo in Palić has four brown bears. Bear Goca came to our garden in 2017 from Beo Zoo Garden when their existing cage needed to be renovated. She stayed at the Palić Zoo because, due to her retirement age, they did not want to expose her to the stress of transport again. Mara and Stana arrived in June 2022 as a seizure from the Canary Islands. Their mother was killed, so the two sisters, bear cubs, were kept as pets, and later they were brought to our garden as adults.

The most popular member and leader of the bear gang, Medeni the bear, was born in 2010, and arrived at the Palić Zoo in March 2014. Goca and Medeni lived together for a while, but since Goca is an older female, and Medeni is a young male who often used to be violent in love, he once received a warning and bit his tongue from Goca. The injury has long since passed, but the insult remained forever, so Goca and Medeni still live apart.

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