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Employment at the Zoo

The Palic Zoo occasionally needs to employ new staff, so we invite interested candidates to apply for employment on our team.

Educational Profiles

Most Desired Educational Profiles

Horticulture Technician


Animal Fosterer

It is preferable to have working experience in the same or similar field.

We are looking for committed, diligent individuals who truly love animals, who want to contribute to our work and genuinely enjoy working with wild and domestic animals. If you are ready to join our team and share our values, we expect you to send your application (CV) with a cover letter to the email

We currently do not have any available positions and the hiring process is not ongoing. Please note that your application will be read and archived. In case a position opens up, we may contact you to apply in a timely manner.

Become a hero for animals.

Tame a wild animal and experience a unique connection with nature. Your support ensures that these animals receive everything they need, while you gain an invaluable experience.