De Brazza's monkey

De Brazza's monkey

A charming acrobat

Both sexes of De Braza monkeys have pouch-like cheeks that they use to carry food. They are recognizable by their white muzzle and chin, along with an orange crescent on their forehead and white stripes on their thighs.
Males communicate with drumming-like sounds, using them to establish a territory or gather a group.




Scientific name:
Cercopithecus neglectus

Forest, wetlands

Central and western part of Africa

Current trend:

Number of individuals in the world:

15-20 years


Our ZOO has five De Brazza monkeys. Dad Momo is 2008 and was born in Berlin, while mom Malia is two years younger and was born in Duisburg, also in Germany. They were paired when they were moved to Hungary, in Njiređhaz, and in 2019 they came to Palić ZOO and have been its residents ever since. The cubs are Marvin and sister Ellie who were born in 2021 and another male cub was born in 2023.

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