Donate to the Palic Zoo

You can contribute and help us maintain and improve our programs and habitats for animals.

Your support is important.

By donating to our zoo, you can contribute to achieving our mission and help maintain and enhance our animal programs and habitats. Your support plays an important role in enabling a better and higher quality of life for our animals.

Ways and instructions for your support

How to Donate?

Online Donation

By online payment, you can easily and quickly provide your support and contribute to the maintenance of our garden and our activities.

Payment by invoice

Every payment you make towards the Zoo’s account helps preserve wildlife and provides better care and protection for them.

Welcome to the Zoo

If you want to donate to the Zoo at Palic, you can do so by coming directly to us.

Together for a better future.

Donate now and help us continue our mission of protecting and promoting the sustainability of nature and animals. Together, we can build a better future for our zoo in Palić and for all of nature.

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Become a hero for animals.

Immerse yourself in nature and experience a unique connection with wild animals. Your support ensures that these animals get everything they need, and you will gain an unparalleled experience.