Our Donors

Precious donors who provide support to our work


Goodwill in action.

Our dedicated benefactors not only share our passion for animals, but actively contribute to achieving our goals.

Their support is reflected in practice through animal adoption, financial donations, and donations in-kind.

How to become a donor?

If you want to contribute to our goals, mission, and vision of a sustainable and peaceful future for wildlife, plants and the planet as a whole, contact us and we will find a way for you to become part of the team working for the benefit of wild and exotic animals.

We look forward to expanding the circle of those who share our passion and concern for animals.

Distinguished Donors - Legal Entities

NovaLite is a valued contributor to our animal adoption efforts, providing both material and emotional support to our furry friends.

Perutnina Ptuj regularly donates in kind, providing top-quality, much-needed food for our animals, ensuring they have the necessary meals for a healthy and happy life.

Every good deed counts

All those who have provided support to our Zoo in any way deserve our sincere gratitude. Your support, whether in the form of donations, volunteering, or other forms of engagement, makes a difference in creating a better future for our animals.

Infinite gratitude goes to every individual, company, or organization that has lent a helping hand. Your generosity and dedication enrich the lives of animals and contribute to the preservation of our plant and animal world.


Our Partners

Become a hero for animals

Tame a wild animal and experience a unique connection with nature. Your support ensures that these animals receive everything they need, and you will gain an invaluable experience.