Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To provide you with all necessary information, we have prepared answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by our visitors.

Where exactly is the Palić Zoo?

The Palic Zoo is located at Krfska 4, Palic.

What are the working hours of the Zoo?

The Zoo’s opening hours are from 9am to 7pm every day, and the Zoo is open 365 days a year.

What is the ticket price and are there discounts for children, students or groups?

The current ticket price can be found on the Prices page. Discounts are available for different visitor groups and you can also find that information on the mentioned page.

Is a reservation required or is it possible to buy tickets on the spot?

Reservations are not required, but can be useful during high season crowds. Tickets can be purchased on site.

Is there parking near the Zoo?

Yes, the Zoo has a free visitor parking lot located near the entrance.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks into the Zoo?

Food and drinks are allowed to be brought into the Zoo, and there are restaurants and cafes within the park where you can purchase meals and beverages.

Do you have a restaurant or cafe inside the Zoo?
Yes, there are restaurants and cafes at the Zoo.
How are tours or lectures organized for visitors?
Tours and lectures for visitors are organized, but it is recommended to contact the Zoo in advance to arrange the details.
Are pets allowed in the Zoo?
At the zoo, or mini zoo, dogs, cats, and other animals are not allowed to be introduced.
How can I support the Zoo through donations or volunteering?
You can find information about donations and volunteering on the official website of the Zoo.
Is it possible to organize birthday parties or special events at the Zoo?
No, for organizing birthday celebrations and special events, contact the Adventure Park located within the zoo.
Does the Zoo offer educational programs for schools and kindergartens?
Yes, the Zoo offers educational programs for schools and preschools. Contact us for more information or visit the Science and Education pages on the official Zoo website.

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