Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and café

Hakuna Matata

Welcome to Hakuna Matata – an oasis of flavors in Palic Zoo.
Diverse food offer satisfies every taste, and culinary experience is unique. You will be thrilled with a wide selection of dishes and drinks.

Important Information

Working hours

Opening hours are subject to weather conditions and the working hours of the Zoo.


Phone: 064 2369077


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Price List

The price list is displayed:
– at the entrance of the coffee bar and
– at the entrance of the restaurant.
The price list for using the café and restaurant is independent of the ticket prices for the zoo.


The restaurant and café have their own working hours and contact information, which are different from the working hours and contact information of the Palic Zoo vendor. We kindly ask visitors to contact the restaurant and cafe exclusively via the contact information provided on this page for all information related to the restaurant and café.


Restaurant and café ambience

The ambient of Hakuna Matata restaurant and café is relaxed and pleasant, created for you to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature and picturesque surroundings of Palic Zoo.

Kind and professional service makes Hakuna Matata the perfect place to relax after a walk through the zoo.

Ideal place to relax

Experience the magic of diverse flavors of food and drinks in Hakuna Matata, where every bite becomes an adventure that leaves you speechless.


Offer at Hakuna Matata

At Hakuna Matata restaurant and café, a diverse menu of food and drinks is available:

  • Food:
    -Hamburgers, hot dogs
    – Patties
    – Pizzas
  • Drinks:
    – Juices, water
    – Coffees, teas
    – Beers
  • Refreshments:
    – Ice cream
    – Iced tea

Where is Hakuna Matata located?

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