How to reach us

Discover the quickest and easiest way to get to our Zoo with our visit tips.

The Palic Zoo is located in the center of the Palic settlement, 6 km from Subotica and 5 km from the E75 highway that connects Budapest and Belgrade. There are many ways to reach the Palic Zoo, but we will mention the most practical ones here.

Public Transport

Rely on public transportation.

If you decide to come to us by public transportation, we have several options that will allow you easy access to our Zoo.


City Lines:
Line 6 and Line 10

Suburban lines:
Line 41

International lines: Line 51

Alternative transportation

Alternative transportation

Apart from public transportation, there are also alternative ways to get to our zoo.


Departure: Subotica – Szeged
6:03, 7:37, 13:37, 16:37, and 19:37
Return: Szeged – Subotica
5:19, 8:58, 14:58, 17:58, and 21:43


For more information, please visit here.

Rented bicycle

For more information, please visit here.

Own transport

Rely on your own strength.


Arrival on Foot

If you live or stay near Palić, you can take a stroll to our Zoo.

The Zoo is located only 900 meters away from the Palić Water Tower in the center of Palić.

Arrival by car

Private transportation

If you are arriving by your own transportation, there are public parking lots available near the Zoo.

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