Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra

Colorful zebra stripes

The zebra is an animal from the horse family, about 1.25 meters tall, its hair sharply spotted with black and white stripes helps it camouflage in the savannah and rare forests, while its speed reaches 70 kilometers per hour.




Scientific name:
Equus quagga chapmani

Savannah, grassy vegetation, bushes


Current trend:

Number of individuals in the world:

20-25 years


Čikoš, a zebra from Palić Zoo, was born in Bojnice, Slovakia, on September 4, 2003, and came to our garden on October 25, 2005. When he arrived at our place, he was placed to live together with our horse and he used to be very mischievous, so he often broke the wooden fence with his hind legs, which the workers repaired countless times. Sometimes he knew how to eat food from the ostrich, so we had to fill him up and raise the ostrich feeder.

He always got along very well with the ostrich, and later when the baby ostriches grew up, we put them together and now, with another eland, they live as a very happy family.

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