Fun for the youngest visitors

Children's playground

We are pleased to emphasize the importance of having a children’s playground in our zoo. The playground is essential for our visitors for several reasons.


Fun for the youngest visitors

When visiting the zoo with your children, it’s important for them to have a space where they can play and have fun. The playground provides kids with the opportunity to release excess energy, explore new activities, and spend time surrounded by animals and nature.

Parental Break

While the kids enjoy themselves on the playground, parents can take a short break and rest. This is especially important as a visit to the zoo can be physically demanding, and the children’s playground provides an opportunity for parents to relax while their children enjoy playing.

Educational Character

Playing in the Zoo has an educational character. Through the game and the proximity of animals, children can learn about the animals that are in the Zoo, which contributes to their education and encourages interest in the world around them.

Child Socialization

The playground provides an opportunity for children to socialize and connect with other kids. This is important for developing social skills and forming friendships. Developing social skills in the natural environment of the Zoo has a special impact on the overall development of children.

Development of Motor Skills

The children’s playground in the Zoo provides kids with the opportunity to develop physical activity and play in nature. These activities create positive habits and connect children with nature. This environment especially contributes to the development of motor skills and overall child health.

Become an animal hero.

Tame a wild animal and experience a unique connection with nature. Your support ensures that these animals receive everything they need, and you will gain an invaluable experience.