Ticket prices – Detailed overview of ticket types and prices at Palic Zoo

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the zoo’s entrance ticket booth.

Payment Methods


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Paid Card

Individual entrance tickets


Older than 15 years

400 RSD


Деца од 5 до 15 година

300 RSD


By showing the pensioner’s card

300 RSD

Collective tickets


More than 10 people at a time

300 RSD

Kindergartens and schools

Accompanied by educators/teachers

300 RSD


Parents with their children up to 15 years old.

1 000 RSD

Unlimited number of entries for the whole year

Annual tickets

Season ticket

For individuals and adoptive parents

4 000 RSD

Family seasonal

Parents with their children up to 15 years old

10 000 RSD


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