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Let’s explore the unusual facts about the animal kingdom and the secrets of nature that surround us.

Scientific tribunes

Goal of Scientific Forums

At the Palic Zoo, scientific forums are often organized to promote research and encourage new findings, all for the betterment of animal welfare.

Above scientific tribune

The scientific forums provide a platform for exchange of new research, information, and ideas among experts, researchers, and employees at zoos.

Through discussions on scientific research and practices in zoos, these scientific forums truly contribute to improving overall animal care, their housing, behavior, diet, health, and reproduction.

EAZA Tribune

The platform covers the theoretical and practical basics of animal welfare, as well as ways to improve the quality of life of animals in captivity. It is intended for individuals who work with wild animal species on a daily basis, including veterinarians and caretakers, with the aim of improving animal welfare conditions. The workshops and lectures focused on ring-tailed lemurs, enriching their living space both indoors and outdoors.

VKS logo

Congress of Veterinarians

The main goal of the Veterinary Chamber of Serbia is to ensure the highest standards of veterinary practice in the country. The Veterinary Chamber of Serbia is an organization that regulates the veterinary profession, promotes professional development, ensures the quality of veterinary practice, regulates the use of veterinary medicines, and promotes animal welfare. The workshops are educational in nature and are extremely useful for doctors of veterinary medicine.


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