The health condition of the lioness in the shelter

After ten days of being admitted to the Animal Shelter of the Palić Zoo, we are sorry that we cannot say that the health condition of the little lioness Kiki is better. Moreover, it is suspected that her kidneys and liver are failing based on the biochemical findings of a blood test that was performed on September 21. until 01.10. Four times. The therapy was used according to the advice of veterinarians from international organizations dealing with the recovery of big cats (especially lions in South Africa and the Netherlands), so all drugs that could further damage these organs in lions were avoided. After she started taking water and food on her own, we hoped that she would still be fine, but her organs are now starting to fail. After prolonged starvation and weakness, the general condition is very bad. The very need to be kept in a confined space for recovery is very stressful for a lioness, who is now at an age where she needs to play and explore her surroundings. Even if her strength comes back, it is certain that we will continue to have these kinds of problems, because it is very difficult to get the necessary rest.

We should all finally become aware that such animals cannot be kept as pets, because it is not in their nature. It is very selfish, irresponsible and arrogant to think that a few months of fun is worth the amount of suffering and stress this poor creature is going through now. Therefore, we appeal to all citizens not to buy exotic animals and to report anyone who keeps such species and deals in their trade. We hope that the little lioness will come back from the brink of death, after all the abuse she has experienced at the hands of the “people” who live among us.

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