Kiki the lioness lost the battle of her life

Lioness Kiki is no longer with us. After 15 days of fighting, she lost the battle of her life, despite our best efforts to bring her back. Kiki died on October 6 at around 9 p.m. We hope that such cases of abuse of animals by unscrupulous “owners”, like hers, will not be repeated.

The case of Kiki the lioness has shown, unfortunately, that as long as there are people who buy wild animals for fun, without checking the conditions of keeping and knowing that they must have a keeping license obtained exclusively from the Ministry of Environment, birds will arrive at our shelters with their wings cut off to escape, birds with their beaks glued so that no one can hear them, animals of various species that are left without air in the boxes in which they are closed, even, for example, a small lioness.

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