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Learn about the various research methods and forms our ZOO employs.

Exploring in Zoos

Importance of Research in Zoos

Zoological parks are an ideal place for exploration, providing a controlled environment where researchers can study animals and their behavior.
Research helps in understanding the behavior and needs of animals and their habitats. Research in zoological parks is essential for the development of breeding programs and creating safe habitats for animals.

Types of Research

Types of research conducted in zoos

Research in zoos can take various forms:

  • behavioral studies,
  • population studies, and
  • genetic studies.

Behavioral studies aim to understand the behavior of animals in captivity and develop strategies to improve their welfare. Population studies are used to determine the number of animals in a particular species and their distribution, which helps in developing breeding programs. Genetic studies are used to understand the genetic structure of animals, which helps in developing breeding programs and identifying potential genetic disorders.

Challenges and limitations in research in zoos

Research in zoos is accompanied by challenges and limitations. One of the significant limitations is the limited space for animals in captivity. This can make it difficult to conduct research, especially observational studies. Ethical aspects of animal research pose another challenge. Researchers must ensure that the welfare of animals is not compromised during research. Financing research can also be a problem, given the often limited resources of zoos.


Zoological parks often collaborate with universities, research institutions, and other zoological parks, and these collaborations contribute to the sharing of resources and expertise, leading to more successful research outcomes.


Zoos rely on donations, grants, and government funding to support their research efforts. Public support is also important in raising awareness about the importance of conservation and the role of zoos in this process.


Research in zoological parks will continue to play a key role in global conservation efforts. Through research, we can create safe habitats for endangered animals, increase their populations, and protect them from threats.


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