EAZA conference of educators in zoos 2023

Wroclaw ZOO is this year’s host of the EAZA conference for educators of zoos and aquariums in Europe. During 5 days, through different topics, activities, group workshops and a visit to the zoo itself, educators of children from all over Europe will learn new skills for working with children.

At the conference, as representatives of Serbia, the employees of the Palić Zoo, educator B.Sc.

The team from Croatia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan rounded out the team work, for new ideas, techniques and connecting with fellow educators. Together, we looked for and found solutions so that all children and all visitors to zoos would receive the best possible education, both about species from the zoo, and about conservation – the preservation of all species of the planet.

The very motto of the conference is: EXPLORE – LOVE – PROTECT

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