Meet our animal adopters

Inspired by the program of numerous European zoos, the Palić Zoo offers the possibility of adopting animals from the Zoo’s collection, thus the adopters support the welfare of the animals. The program implies a donation for the animal, it is not a classic adoption, because the animal does not leave the Zoo.

Every year there is interest in the Adoption Program, and this is the story of an Adopter…


How did you find out about the Animal Adoption Program at the Palić Zoo?

– We learned about the Animal Adoption Program at the Palić Zoo during our visit in mid-January 2023 and noticed the names and surnames of the adopters next to their cages. In the beginning, we didn’t really understand the concept of adoption and what it actually meant, so we were even afraid that we would actually take the adopted animal home for care. The children liked it, but not so much for us elders.

Why did you decide to adopt an animal?

– After talking with the employees of the Zoo, we also wanted to make a small contribution to the care of the animals in the Zoo and become someone’s “fosters”. We think that taking care of animals is very important, especially taking care of exotic animals that can’t just be seen in our environment, and somehow it seems to us that everyone must be involved in that care.

Who chose the type of animal and why that particular animal?

– Golden agouti was chosen by my niece Sarah because she really liked it, and she has a guinea pig and loves rodents. We were also interested in the fact that we had never heard of him, so we thought he was the right choice for us. That’s how my daughter Lara and niece Sara became the adoptive parents of the golden agouti.

How often do you visit the Palić Zoo?

– We visit the zoo in Palić between three and five times a year and we even like it more than the zoo in Belgrade.

Photo: Lara Uchajev

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